Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hate on the Web is Horrific

Id like to explain a bit of my frustrations, which mind you are my opinion and my personal views. In my time so far, as doing my best in advocacy for victims and survivors of the Troubled Teen Industry, like I myself am, I have come to learning more and more everyday. I have seen and experienced quite a bit of controversy right here on the web. I have come to learn some of the realities of websites, that claim they are all here to stand for the same cause, yet just as in life itself I have come across a variety of negativity. The liars, the disturbed, the narcissistic, etc.
I have seen people who claim to be fighting this cause, who are doing nothing more than just posting up false statements, harassing others, and making themselves miserable. If this is a cause that really means so much to them, if they are there for the victims, survivors, and future teens, what do they think gives them the right to attack others? Not in anyway am I saying that different opinions is attacking. By attacking, I mean, that if a survivor or concerned parent was to post something on the site, that would oppose to what they think, many times, the "opposer" is then attacked, in such a way that it seems if you dont agree with everything that the "regulars" on the site have to say, then you become the enemy. You become a target, no matter whether you have been a member of that site for a long time, or just a day. Many on these sites seem to be blindsided to listening to any one elses opinions or views, because of possible issues with pride, and never to admit that they missed something, made a mistake, or were ever wrong. Sometimes, it goes as far as "hate sites" made about others, with whom the blindsided felt threatened or have become "obsessive" about, and many times feel no remorse and even feel justified in their heinous behavior towards that person.
What ever happened to putting yourself in someone elses shoes before doing something that may possibly hurt or damage someone? What happened to first thinking how you would feel if someone did that to you?
To do all these wrongful and cruel things, makes people tend to discredit themselves, not even realizing it. If I was someone doing research on this industry, trying to get help and find answers, and I came across sites like this, I myself would most likely view a site like that unreliable, and also may feel too uncomfortable to ask any questions, in fear of what others might say to me through their perceptions and judgments of me. How would I know who to believe and who not to believe?
That was one of my frustrations, because to me, it is wrong. I don't agree, and I do not want to be any part of it.
These are my experiences, my views, and my opinions only.