Sunday, March 16, 2008

WWW War Zone

There is a second cause that needs attention paid to it, which some are realizing and fighting as well. The war taking place on the WorldWideWeb. I personally, know of some who are fighting the abuse that takes place on the internet. I have to say, that I back up those who are fighting this, because the internet can be its own war zone, and when it inflicts pain on those whom I know, it makes me sick. People who have been victims of this system, and now are being victimized on the internet. What gets me is how a lot of sites and networks, claim to be against things such as cults, abuse, and so forth and, they contradict themselves, by doing the same things (and feel justified in doing so!!) When you claim one thing in your words, and do the opposite in your actions, then how can you expect to help anyone? Words are just words, but words, with the actions behind them, is what makes the true difference; and when your actions contradict your words, in any matter, how can you expect anyone to be able to rely on you for help?
These are my personal opinions and thoughts, and I mean what I say. Im not in anyway trying to "sell myself" for something I am not. This is me, this is what I believe, and this is what I came to say.
I am grateful for those who are taking a stand, to fight for what is right, not just for their own wellbeing and safety, but for society as a whole. I will add more to this matter later on.
We need to be aware of the dangers out there in cyberspace.