Friday, March 28, 2008

One of my personal wonders....

Even when people experience the same event, their observations, perceptions, thoughts, and emotions differ. Therefore our lives may seem a like, but are each individual and personal. It is one of the things about life that fascinate me when I really sit and think about it.
To explain, I'll use psychological therapy as an example. Doctors can give patients a diagnoses, let's use Depression as an example. Now, yes there are such things as diagnostic criteria and so on and so forth, but in a way it is like a stereotype. Every person who is "depressed" experiences different ranges of emotion, different thoughts, different helpful ways to cope, and different views on what they believe is the cause of their "depression". Psychological interventions and treatments, I think in many cases are overrated and too blunted. It is not similar to most physiological interventions and treatments, where even though there is not a solution for everything, there is majority of standard practices used. Physiological issues can be monitored, read, recorded, measured, and then based on those individual results, treatment is provided.
Psychological issues, in many instances cannot be monitored. By that, I mean there is no machine that can be hooked to read your mind and its thoughts, dreams and nightmares cannot be recorded while we sleep, and the list could go on. Psychology is more experimental than it is professional in many cases in my opinion. Like for instance, when someone has an abrasion, they can place antibacterial medication cream on it, stick a bandage on it, and move on. However with something like depression, that inner psychological abrasion, so to say, there is no learned behavior, that is a known solution, such as a bandage. It seems to me, that psychology is overrated as far as comparing its methods, research, studies, and so on to be advanced enough to be viewed as genuinely professional. There just seems to be too many gray areas.
I am going to add more to this soon.